Partnering with Five Points Roasters

Carry, sell, serve Five Points Roasters with pride and confidence. Together we can provide an elevated experience for our customers.

Sell, Serve, Support

At Five Points Roasters we want you to sell and serve our coffee and only the best coffees at your establishment. To offer the quality cup that our coffee provides is both a joy to us and testament to your commitment of quality to your customers. However, unlike some vendors we won't drop our product at your doorstep and run on you. At Five Points Roasters we have a support framework built into our culture that extends to you. Sales of Five Points Roasters not what you'd expect? Call us and we'll plan an event or offer free tastings to generate more interest. Is the quality of coffee not what you'd expect? Reach out and we'll meet with you and make it right.

You're not alone - we are in it together.

Options to Differentiate Your Business

At Five Points Roasters we roast and serve coffees that you and your customers know and love - Ethiopian, Colombian, Honduras, and Guatemalan to name a few. However, we also offer coffees that are lesser known or more exotic. These coffees include India, Indonesia, Tanzania, Zambia, and Laos. Not to mention our specialty Moringa coffee. 

In addition to our other coffees - offering these rare, specialty, or limited coffees can make your establishment standout from the competition.

Pricing with You In Mind

Pricing depends on quantity and terms of agreement. We've priced our coffees based off of our high standard of quality commitments while keeping in mind the cost of running your business. Below is an outline of current tiered pricing.

1-4 lbs - $15/lb

5-25 lbs - $12/lb

25+ lbs - $10/lb

Do you want to carry Five Points Roasters but the prices above prevent you from doing so? Reach out and let's talk.