Leadership Philosophy

Below you'll find Paul's leadership philosophy. His leadership philosophy provides insight into his leadership approach at FPR and expectations for its culture, commitments, values, vision, and expectations.


I lead to inspire, transform, encourage, and grow those around me. Through a process of constant investment in each person in our organization, in the people of the communities we serve, and in our partners and customers that share in the struggles and triumphs of what we do.

My Approach on Leadership:

  • I will lead with empathy through authentic and genuine relationships with employees, partners, and customers. I will strive to be present. I will strive to connect deeper. I will strive to understand deeper.

  • I will invest in those around me. Through development opportunities, training, volunteering. Growth and development require an investment of both resources and time. I commit to investing in the organization’s employees, our partners, and our customers.

  • I will constantly seek to create a culture of high-support, high-challenge, creativity, and innovation. By pushing ourselves, we will discover creative and innovative ways to deliver an elevated experience for our organization, our partners, and our customers.

  • I will be curious, ask questions, and question answers. Through these actions, we will augment our culture with critical thinking that goes deeper than superficial questions or products.

  • I will challenge assumptions and the status quo and will expect the same of those around me – even if it means challenging me.

  • I will be agile. Through agile leadership, we will be able to respond to organizational, market, and industry changes allowing us to continue to deliver on our commitments to our organization, partners, and customers.

  • I will lead with you in mind. Leadership is not a single, solitary effort. It is done with servitude and others in mind first and foremost.

My Values or Guiding Principles:

Values and guiding principles I espouse and live out were refined, challenged, and strengthened during my time in military service, combat, personal experiences and challenges, and expectations of myself.

  • Loyalty – I will bear true faith and allegiance to the organization and the employees.

  • Duty – I will fulfill my obligations and commitments.

  • Respect – I will treat people as they should be treated.

  • Selfless Service – I will put the welfare of the organization and its employees before my own.

  • Honor – I will live up to all leadership commitments, approaches, values, vision, and personal expectations.

  • Integrity – I will do what is right, both legally and morally.

  • Personal Courage – I will face fear, obstacles, and adversity.

My Vision:

For Five Points Roasters to be a place where the individual is encouraged to pursue their passions and where we continually and constantly keep people at the heart of all we do.

My Expectations:

  • Be curious - do not accept everything as it is. Our reality is not what it is; rather it is what we think it is through individual experiences and environmental factors. Constantly question – be curious – grow.

  • Be supportive of one another. If we are not supportive of each other, we crush creativity, innovation, and ourselves – quickly becoming the largest roadblock to our organization.

  • Celebrate and be celebrated. Milestones, achievements, professional growth, personal joys – let’s take time to be in the moment and present to celebrate our collective achievements as well as individual achievements. No matter how big or small.

  • Be agile of heart and mind. Maintain a position of flexibility to respond to organizational, market quickly, and industry changes.

  • Speak up. Is something not going well? See a problem? Could a process be better? Is there an issue with a co-worker? An issue with leadership? Say something. We must say something if we see something. Mediocre and status quo is not what we aim for.

  • Respect. Freedom of expression and self is encouraged but must be with respect. Shaming, berating, racism, sexism, misogamy, harassment, and bias of team members, partners, or customers will not be tolerated.

  • Be hospitable. Welcome everyone, be tolerant, embrace diversity, reject homogony.